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creek washed away a section of mountain view drive. >> this is pretty amazing. >> like my partner says you now have a cull desack. >> now, there is a mess on its hand with east bay mud vehicles and dump trucks moving in and out with debris and qoimt. it's likely to be this way for a while, maybe until spring. >> after we address the water line, we will devise a temporary storm drain to convey water across the road so when next storm or two or three arrives, we can take care of that. >> it may be a big disruption to those who live next to it. but there are ways around the sink hole for those just looking to pass through. >> you just learn to find detours and keep on going i
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feel sorry for people who live up the hill. >> i know that people are working on it. i've gt confidence in this city to take care of it. >> the city estimates that the cost of the repair runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they're not worried about paying for it. unlike other cities, lafayette has a $5 million rainy day fund as its called and as city managers told us. yesterday qualifies as a rainy day. in lafayette, abc 7 news. >> this did thank you. near scott's valley would be closed sometime as well. you can see part of one lane has been washed away. this is a sparsely populated area but people who live here it's going to be inconvenient getting around this closure, officials should have a better idea how long this will take within the next few days. >> we're learning tonight
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30,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled out of a man hole during the storm. the ross valley sanitary district blaimz it on a clogged sewer line. some 20,000 gallons washed in the local creeks and streams. >> students will be back in class tomorrow in a marin county middle school closed today because of storm damage. a building in white hall middle school took significant damage when a culvert backed up, flooding four classrooms. the library and administrative offices were flooded. >> anticipating flooring replaced depending on what the damage is. we may need to remove furniture. it's attached to the wall. >> 620 students attend this school. >> from floods to fallen trees people are digging out from
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the mess. this huge pine tree came crashing down from across the street. a neighbor managed to turn that off. homeowner still without gas but says the city was quick to help with clean up. >> there is where they had been working almost 24 hours. here they cleaned up and were very professional. >> clean up crews have been busy in almost every part of the bay area from fences and streets in san francisco to golden gate park officials were removing fallen trees. >> during the storms, they're now beginning to recede. abc 7 news is here with a look at water levels. they're running still quite high. >> they're receiving to level that's diminished our concern now.
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certainly about current flooding. here is a look to show you where you have rainfall. and some light rain just beginning to move north right now around sea ranch. you can see there is wetter weather farther north. let's take a look at rivers becoming north bay hardest hitting area over the weekend. this flood stage is 32 feet. it approached but did not reach flood stage yesterday. now, we see this rapidly a approaching storm wednesday rising but will be below flood stage. interest was minor flooding in st. helena yesterday. just minor flooding is 16 feet. levels down to 3.7 feet. and expected to rise only about 5.4 feet with approaching storm wednesday. napa river stage 25 feet down
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now to about a 10.2 feet which is again, below flood stage. wednesday storm, but good news with approaching system. >> spencer, thank you. spencer just mentioned napa river. not this time, perhaps not anymore, thanks to the flood protection plan. wayne freedman is live tonight. wayne? >> that is napa creek behind me it's a notoriously fast trigger finger. there it is now. take a look. does that look like an angry creek? that looks like the creek might flood last weekend and it's not. what happens? with high water coming to napa people know the drill. >> with flood warnings we have a little bit. everything off the bottom shelf autos what is wrong with this picture? sandbags or need for them? >> we'd probably be standing
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in a mud and... a big mess. >> as waters rose last weekends, plenty of residents expected another scene when napa creek overflowed its banks, this time, it didn't thanked to a funded bypass project by army corps of engineers. >> this is work. >> the project simple, concept more difficult. in execution, really just a matter of rechanneling water below my feet here this, culvert doubled if it weren't here last weekend, the marry probably would have flooded. >> this could be dramatic and fast. it can create damage. >> napa suffered through 24 serious floods. last weekend could have been the 25th. outsiders think first of the napa river, flooding once every several years but the creek overruns banks three times as often. >> old paradigm is that four
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inches of rain in six hours in western water shed would cause a flood on this creek. we're certain now, that number doesn't hold any longer. >> 12 inches fell last weekend. where the creek used to be tight and narrow, project has provided those rushing waters with more room. last weekend, waters rose only a third high. that is what $35 million will buy. four, actually. >> i would venture to see say it saved cost. >> that is the back story behind this monday in peaceful, noneventful napa. >> that project is designed what they call a 100 year flood. it's only two thirds done at this point. there is more work to be done below. why is that significant? they say last weekend was like a 10-year flood.
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in napa, abc 7 news. >> we want to show you images from viewers this, is a picture of a vineyard along the russian river sent to us at you reports at here is another one. it's a pear orchard in mendocino county. more rain expected this week, stay with us for continuing coverage, you can track the system coming in any time with live doppler 7 hd. >> authorities are investigating two robberies in the last two days. the most recent, today in a wall streen -- walgreens in downtown palo alto this, is a photo taken by cameras. just yesterday a man robbed a cvs. he has a similar description as previous robber. investigators have not said if two robberies are connected but they have their suspensions and arrests and new information tonight about the circumstances surrounding an at risk juvenile victim who
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went missing from a care facility. abc 7 news is live at oakland police headquarters tonight with latest on this case. nick? >> good evening, oakland police being tight lipped with details but did confirm to abc 7 news they're investigating what happened to that 16-year-old girl. on tuesday a teen-aged girl her parents say suffers from autism and has mental capacity of a 9-year-old went missing. after several searches she was found in san francisco on a muni bus, her parents tell us she'd been assaulted. today, directors expressed fwrat tud for helping find her. >> that is what we're focusing on is her return to safety. we're grateful to the community. >> i spoke with the mother who says she doesn't want to disdus the -- discuss the nature of the injuries or details out of concern it
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might jeopardize this case. >> we're just pleased that there is an apprehension, so pleased the community responded. >> police aren't saying much, only an arrest has been made. >> particulars around who, what, and why aren't being shared with the public or youth facility. >> we look to participate with the police in any way we can. but at this point we don't have other -- can't say anything else about the investigation. >> administrators tell me this has been a difficult time for everyone. industry standards and reduced bunl yits present challenges the pub hick doesn't see them. stress their client safety and welfare remains a top priority. >> there is much more still to come tonight, just ahead a civil rights dispute over the
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shooting of oscar grant and bart police officers given immune ti. >> a dispensary wins a battle setting up a conflict between a landlord and u.s. jis tis department. >> catch to 2 prevents a san francisco woman from collecting an inhert yens check that was rightfully hers. the frustrating battle 7 on your side put an end to, just ahead. >> and mayor of detroit comes to make good on
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attorneys on both sides of a fatal shooting returned to
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court owe begin arguing a $50 million civil route. mehserle convicted of involuntary manslaughter. attorneys are appealing a judge's ruling they're not immune from liability in the family civil suit against bart. grant's family in court today asking the court not to change its rulings and to let a jury decide. >> oscar was murdered and it's a shame officers can not be held accountable for their actions. if we're citizens we're held accountable when we have jobs and for our actions. and these officers who murder people should be held accountable. >> but mehserle attorney says he acted reasonable and consistently with the law. >> and in order for mr. mezerilee to be on the lawsuit in that shooting the
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court has to have determined his conduct shocked the conscience. my argument that that is not the case here. >> a ruling is not expected for at least two months. >> a special visitor in san francisco tonight to eat eet a little humble pie. abc 7 news is live tonight at the home of world series champion san francisco giants. hi, carolyn. nice to have the mayor in town. >> yes. both mayors have mustaches and being encouraged to shave if they're on the losing end of the deal. both declined to do that. detroit dave bing was a good sport today. he said he was trying to be honorable in defeat. detroit mayor and first lady, dave and eve yet bing arrived ready for him to take good on a losing bet. >> are you here under dures?
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>> absolutely. but it's history now. as a former athlete i respect what happened. i didn't like it from the detroit status point but giants played a wonderful series. >> and the mayor ed lee has bragging rights. what do you think? >> instead, the mayor would show his counter part twitter new head quarters and roof top gardens south of market. the firm also has offices in motor city. >> i don't twit much myself, or tweet, i should say. >> what he can do is what he's doing to settle the bet. talk to these junior giants about using sports to develop their lives. >> it teaches to you compute compete and understand how to get along with people in roles
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have you to play in order to be successful. >> he smiles through the pain of chanting a rival slogan, a junior giant come miz rated. >> i said we're just a good team. we outplayed them. >> that is right, kismtd had he lost the mayor would be in detroit trying to inspire kids there. as i said, would be touring an automotive plant. >> we're glad it worked out the other way. we're glad there was nice weather, nice break in the weather. >> right. >> it could have, but it did not. we do have more rain coming our way. here is a look in emeryville. partly to mostly cloudy skies. clouds increasing during
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evening hours as rain begins to arrive in the north bay overnight. but now, we're dry around the bay area, just clouds. here is the live doppler 7 hd. you can see huge mass of moisture off shore well north. some of sit moving onshore now. let's go to mendocino county. areas of some light rain and some more moderate and heavy rain off shore now. near foert bragg. looks like light rain there falling or approaching sea ranch. around the bay area, temperatures into mid-50s a rather uniformed range of readings. forecast features rain wednesday, a drier pattern thursday continuing into the weekend. satellite image shows high pressure sort of holding on right now. but this is our next storm. it's a closing in on us.
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and will bring mild air with is. let's start at 5:00 tomorrow morning at which point most of the bay area will be dry. we'll have clouds around. and some light rain may be falling at this hour. as you get later into morning hours, 11:00 or so, we'll see more steady rain across the north bay and reaching down into golden gate and into san francisco. perhaps, then, during remainder of the day, patches of rain scattered around bay area, most of the bay area it could be significant for the north bay. then look what happens into wednesday morning. this next wave of raible, taking a look at significant rainfall in the north bay, perhaps farther south and east. and during the later morning hours and mid morning hours on wednesday, we'll see rain reaching all parts of the bay area. wednesday going to be a soggy
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day. showers taper off. by 5:00 thursday morning we'll be loobing at conditions drier and rainfall totals into about two inches in the north bay mountains. and santa cruz mountains up to three quarters of an inch. perhaps as much as half an inch in the south bay. overnight tonight, no rainfall expected except maybe a sprinkle, or two, far north. lows into mid to upper 40s in parts of the north bay. upper 40s to around 50 into the remainder of the bay area. tomorrow, rain spreads across the north bay, highs reaching into 50s. so cool as well as wet. milder weather low owe-to-mid-60s into other locations. down near monterey bay, rain may not arrive during daytime hours. here is the accu-weather forecast. wet weather drig out thursday, a big day for raiders of
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course taking on peyton manning and denver broncos. dry weather from thursday through saturday. then, maybe a slight chance of rain sunday. >> all right. >> right here on abc 7. glad you mentioned that. right here on abc 7. >> looking good. >> up next new trouble for a comedian removed from the stage in oakland last month. >> he landed in jail, again. we'll have that story as axe
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a key vickry could pose serious problems for a oakland landlord. the landlord cannot evict harborside mental health center though federal attorneys are threatening to seize the property. the u.s. attorney claims harborside violates the federal law but the judge sided with the facility. state law allows nonprofits to distribute medical marijuana. this is a reversal of a lower court ruling. the landlord appealed and a hearing scheduled for december 20th ooj owner of drake's bay oyster company decided to fight the decision to shut down its business. interior secretary sided with
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the passional park service. the owner has hired an attorney and today said the governor misrepresented the law. a statement say we're fighting against a federal government seems to value lies over the truth and special interests over the welfare of the community. >> a high profile attorney from texas joined the fight over the richmond refinery fire in august. 4800 people filed suit, claiming health he impacts and complaining the fire was cause bid negligence. local lawyers teamed up with an attorney from houston who helped win a $500 million case against bp. >> cat williams has been arrested again. you might remember will yips had an onstage melt down after an arrest in oakland for allegedly breaking a bottle over someone's head. but today released from jail in seattle. he was charged with resisting arest after refusing to leave a bar following an argument.
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police say he flicked a cigarette into a woman's face. and involved in an altercation with tree fans who tried to get pictures taken with him. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 republicans offering a solution to ending the fiscal cliff-hanger. how not solving it will affect your family pocketbook. >> from the state capitol tonight, new lawmakers taking their seats. what is still to come now that democrats hold a super majority. >> and kate middleton's emergency trip to the hospital. she could be there for days with something much worse than morning sickness.
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less than a month to go until the u.s. could spend massive spending cuts and tax increases known as the fiscal cliff. >> tonight we're no closer to a deal. mark matthews is here now with latest for us. >> it's been 16 days since president and leaders met to talk about avoiding ts fiscal
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cliff n that time, nothing much moved. now, we've got three weeks in change, and the failure will be felt by everyone. in san francisco's cafe, the owner has been watching the fiscal cliff creep closer hoping for a resolution. >> if they don't, it's going to be tough. >> he's talking about employ qleez can see income taxes increase by a couple thousand dollars. >> cost of living is really high. and tough to make especially in the city like san francisco. >> if congress ask the president can't reach an agreement, income taxes will go up on nearly all americans average family paying extra $2000 to $2400 a year, spending cuts mean cuts to education, transportation, research and development. there is a proposal to up airline fee that's could raise $1 billion cutting back on those who receive food stamps could bring in another $4
6:31 pm
billion to $16 billion eliminating saturday delivery of the mail could save $16 billion. and military spending cuts would hit california. >> defense is a big part of southern california economy. cuts would affect there. >> this afternoon the speaker of the house delivered the g.o.p.'s proposal reducing national debt by $2.2 trillion. including new tax revenue but leading cuts for the top 2% in place. today the president ignored reporter questions about that republican plan but later in a statement the white house rejected it. abc 7 news believes a deal will be struck about the deadline, it will be the republican that's give ground. >> i think this time around, obama learned from his past mistakes and importantly, advantage that if he does nothing he's in better shape than republicans oor professor cane says congressional
6:32 pm
republicans holding middle class cuts hostage in order to force the president's hand. the problem is the g.o.p. cannot afford to carry out that threat and they're blamed for raising everyone's taxes in order to protect the rich and put republican party in a dark hole. >> mark, thank you. >> on wall street today, stock prices fell on concern the deficit deadlock here is hurting the economy. dow jones lost nearly 60 points. nasdaq slid eight points and s and p 500 lost about seven today. >> republicans in california are worried about the possibility of taxes going up because there aren't enough of them in sacramento to block it. lawmakers ushered in a new era today at the capitol. and nannette mirror rand wra reports democrats now hold all of the power. >> please raise your right hands, repeat after me. >> it begins with a reshaped
6:33 pm
legislature. giving them authorities to raise tax was out republicans and still, newly appointed assembly speaker vows to listen to the g.o.p.. >> finding the right solutions to the challenges facing our state is not the task of one party or house. >> already, though, democrats introduced a amendment eastbound making changes to proposition 13, limiting how property taxes are sesd and requires a two thirds vote for any new taxes. asking voters to allow local communities to raise parcel taxes for school was just 55% of the vote. >> allowing the third of the state to veto what two thirds will i don't believe is democracy. and really is proven to be too difficult hurdle. >> assemblyman and several
6:34 pm
co-sponsors banning local law enforcement from turning over illegal immigrants through the feds for possible deportation if crime is relatively minor. >> we must make sure sek sured -- secure communities focuses on violent and hardened criminals not day labor workers or domestic worker autos republicans will have little say. >> our role will be hopefully partnering with the press helping shine a light on what is going on in the government. >> democrats believe california jortz gave them mandate to get things done. >> i think biggest changer is that we'd move and not address problems california has been facing. california voters demanded we governor yesh. that is what we intend to do. >> lawmakers will be making less this session, a new 5% pay cut means rank and file earning just over $90,000 a year but still get their $142 a day tax free per diem for living expenses. >> more money matters an
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impressive report from auto industry because of an improving economy and extra demand, car sales went higher in november. 20,000 to 40,000 people had tree place vehicles and cars now selling at fastest pace. rupert murdock divided his company that will remain the news corp name. the other will be called fox group. >> and mitt romney has a new job. after keeping a low profile since losing the election last month, he is now signed on as a member of marriott international board of directors a position he held twice before. >> funeral as much ass still pending tonight for mike nevin a supervisor who died over the weekend of an aggressive form of cancer. he was a former san francisco police inspector and served as a bodyguard in to the mayor.
6:36 pm
he was mayor of daily city before being elected to the san mateo county board of supervisors known as a champion of people in need. in his community, serving as executive director of an organization helping former offenders and substance abusers find housing and jobs. mike nevin was 69 years old survived by wife, three children and five grandchildren. stay with us, more still to come.
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indicate middleton will have to spend the next several days in the hospital. kate and prince william are expecting their first child, third in line to the british thrown. she's being treated for severe dehydration and nausea, expecting one out of every 285 preg nans yeez. kate expected to make a full recovery and the brits are beyond excited. >> this is just kind of put a real cherry on the top in terms of christmas. you know, just heading into 2013 gives us something exciting to look forward to.
6:40 pm
>> very uplifting i think she has, you know, found the nation's heart, definitely. >> buckingham pal yags yas says kate is about 12 week as long and good morning america sent laura spencer to london. you'll see the reports beginning tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. >> fwit twiter fans will soon from a new high profile person to follow, pope benedict. he will tweet in eight languages. the vatican says the pope will respond to questions about faith during the weekly general audience. >> twitter handle is shall we say app in english. it's a good name meaning hope and bridge builder. this suggests unity. >> the pope sent a tweet last
6:41 pm
year from a vatican account. part of the efforts to increase its presence in social media. in order to spread the faith. >> coming up next, michael finney helps a woman settle a dispute with exxon. >> they've been sending her checks to ts wrong place for
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a san francisco woman inherited her mother's estate, but one company refused to recognize it that is until she contacted michael finney and michael is here now with her story. >> this went on a long time. >> yes. >> her mother died in 2003. nine years ate later she was still battling to get dividend checks which exxon mobile continued to send in her mother's name. gladys shaw remembers her mother's trademark lock autos she's the one with the pretty, curlly hair. >> before her misdemeanor died in 2003, she named gladys exec tore of her will, as her only child, assets, everything went
6:45 pm
smoothly except for one nagging issue with dividend checks from exxon mobile. >> i couldn't cash the checks they were in my mother's name. we'd write to them, they'd reissue in my mother's name. >> abc 7 legal analyst says this is a dilemma he's seen before. >> there is legal solution there. is a practical solution. unfortunately the two don't necessarily ri go together. >> the legal shugs would have been for gladys to go to probate court that. would be expensive. and it's not always practical. >> practical solutions people adopt are just to forth the name and cash the checks themselves. that is not advised. that can get you in a lot of trouble. >> instead, she sent documents to exxon mobile transfer agent. she sent them death certificate, she sent them last will and testament but nothing was enough.
6:46 pm
>> she the reiterated their policy they couldn't do anything bit because they had to only issue checks in the name of the deceased. >> johnson says computer share was following the law. so nine years after the death of her mother, gladys had a brain storm. >> i was talking to my attorney. and i said, you know, have you ever heard of 7 on your side? i said maybe michael finny can help. >> d our called computer share. it gave us this comment. computer share committed to security of investors so we do require legal processes being followed. in rare instances this process may not be as quick as mun would want. computer share sent a check for nearly $1400. >> i'm delighted to have gotten that check. and i wish other people could also benefit. in the way that i have. >> abc 7 news legal analyst
6:47 pm
dean johnson tells us others will continue to experience this problem unless changes in the law are made. we'll bring it up with law lawmakers. >> yes. >> you can. >> thank you. >> all right. if you're looking for work, you might qualify for more than, sorry. we're going to do this. >> breaking news about the muni system. >> right. a major shut down on the light rail system. there is a signal problem causing delay autos they're bringing in buses to get people around. a problem has messed up the system. if you're looking for work, you might call fi for one of 350 jobs available at the next abc 7 news job journal event tomorrow. >> here is just a few companies that will be there. big five sporting goods. new york live and sleep train. event is free of charge taking place in san jose on gateway place from noon until 4:00. >> members of the 49ers dressing out in santa team colors to bring holiday cheer
6:48 pm
to children in transitional housing. five players represented the team to take children shopping in a program by ehc life builders. each shopper got to spend a $300 visa card and most put gifts for families at the top of the list. >> clothes for my brother and sister. >> like, you know, only thing you have to hold ton is the family them. keep the family first thachl is what they're here for. >> all children in the program come from families who have been homeless. the 49ers corporate sponsor was visa and target. >> and don't forget, peyton man brings first place broncos to the coliseum this week. and because we're hearing that game live, we've declared thursday raider's day. starting with a pregame edition of our abc 7 news at 4:00. >> raiders day. exciting stuff. we want to talk about 49ers.
6:49 pm
>> i've got a reminder for you of how wet it's been here recently. over 16 inches of rain in santa rosa. nearly four inches in oakland. quite a drenching today. we got a nice break. rain moving in again. in mendocino county and along the coastline it's going to push into northern son owe gnomea county. there is some rain in the north bay. tomorrow, rain in the northern part of the state. cooler there. here in the bay area a mixed bag as well. rain will be confined to the north bay tomorrow, will be cooler with highs there only into 50s.
6:50 pm
tryer, milder here is the accu-weather forecast. drying out after wednesday, which will be a wet day. thursday, which is raider's day of course. dry conditions on thursday, friday. and saturday.
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okay. let's breakdown this quarterback situation. the 49ers in a business sense, take coach harbaugh is an investor. your money would be safe, doesn't have many turnovers. it's a solid investment. he doesn't take chances thchl was plays from the super bowl last year. this year, before his stock started to slide with a bad hit in the third quarter of the season. and then a hot new start up comes along well. all ne how exciting that can be. it's always exciting. you watch them hit the ground running explot ploeding and growing week by week. but start ups have growing
6:54 pm
pains getting in situations you haven't been in before. having set backs due to other companies handing you strategies you're not used to seeing. this is when you wish would you have kept your minute. since investing it's hard to turn back. so now, you have to wonder what would tim harbaugh do next week? >> this i still feel that way. there is a lot of positives. they're in the game. a tough loss. especially after the touchdown the way he responded. the way the team responded. again putting themselves in a position to win after that. in the sense after the safety is here that he responded with
6:55 pm
big throws is and play autos i kes jim can't get his money back into the start up. i hope this doesn't come back to haunt him and his team in 20126789 raiders lost yesterday to cleveland. he left after the game to join him but there were positives. brandon highers and 14 catches and a touchdown. a 64 yard tv cuts the lead to three at the end of the third quarter. defense lost three quarters of the secondary, they had two interceptions and aloud only 20 points despite giving up eight plays now 3-9. and this team will not quit. >> it doesn't mean we're correct all the time. guys flying around on defense.
6:56 pm
on defense. and with anything you've got to execute calls as well. >> this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00, cable channel 13, coming up, trip took more than three decades but nasa voyager is finally there many the big announcement. >> then at 11:00 a lifeline for people. crews working late to repair the road before the next rain. it's all at 11:00. >> that is our report tonight. this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from the entire news team, thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> good night for now.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's tants --
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a development manager from george town, grand cayman... a writer from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, a medical stud plano, texa. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: thanks, johnny. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. basia and chris, welcome aboard. oh, and, jason, good luck an as our returning champion. here we go, players -- the jeopardy! round. and the categories.

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